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Coinky-dinks October 14, 2007

Posted by Teen Atheist in anecdotes, school.
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I remember being in the fourth grade and forgetting to do an assignment for English class. In desperation, I clasped my hands and prayed for English class to be canceled so that we could have the bi-monthly, not-really-scheduled Guidance class instead. Five minutes later, guess who ambles into the classroom? My roly-poly, ambiguously gay Guidance teacher. Both shocked and ecstatic, I vowed from that moment on to devote the rest of my life to God.

Never underestimate the power of coincidence. =))

Dear God, if the hot druggie guy from Heroes shows up at my doorstep, professes his love to me and whisks me away to a large mansion in Monaco where we will live happily ever after with tons of money and maybe a kid or two, I swear I’ll devote the rest of my life to you. And this time, I mean it!



1. batobato - October 14, 2007

Hey kid you are in good company. Ayn Rand, Bertrand Russell, Albert Einstein, Penn Jillette, etc do not believe in god. Next step for is to take the Blasphemy Challenge.

2. Karen - October 15, 2007

Nobody _ever_ lives happily-ever-after. For us lucky ones, the journey is interesting, though.

3. King Aardvark - October 16, 2007

It happens, and when it happens to you it can be a powerful “sign”, but it just ain’t evidence. How many times did you pray the same thing and have the fuddy old english teacher show up instead? Good on you for not being swayed by this into adulthood.

My sister in law once prayed for a fire alarm during a university exam she was taking. Amazingly, there was one. Likely it was a hard exam and somebody else had the same idea as she did but with one difference: (s)he actually did something about it.

4. Teen Atheist - October 17, 2007

When it happens to you it can be a powerful “sign”, but it just ain’t evidence.

Bingo. Theists give way too much credit to coincidence.

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