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What are you doing [Christmas] Eve? December 16, 2007

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Okay. Fine. I’ll leave you all alone on Christmas; I’ve picked out a nice enough hotel and a dance club where I’ll spend the evening. When you and Dad and Pete have your Christmas dinner, though, and you’re looking at the one empty chair at the table, I hope you know that you did that. Not me, not my atheism. You.

Love (…not),



Okay, moving on. Had this exchange with gay cutie pie Justin:

TA: “Yeah, they’re kicking me out on Christmas because I’m an atheist. I’m not sure what to do yet. I’m either going to be partying the night away at [well-known club] or doing volunteer work, although I haven’t found a proper organization yet.”

Justin (grinning wickedly): “Well, I certainly know what I would pick.”

By the way, I got the awesome idea to do volunteer work from Sexy Secularist. Again, though, I really can’t find an org that needs help on Christmas Eve. I contacted the Make-a-Wish Foundation, and I got nada, the other orgs are too religion-centric and probably wouldn’t welcome someone like me. And Justin has a good point, partying my heart out would be a lot more fun.

Suggestions for good international charity organizations (or other activities I could do) are welcome. Or you could buy me a one-way plane ticket to New York. I’d love you forever.

Anyway, I’m asking you all: What should TA do on Christmas Eve?



1. Chase R. - December 16, 2007

Well when I don’t spend Christmas Eve with my family I usually head to a homeless shelter or some sort of local place that helps people that are less fortunate than me. These are great places to spend Christmas eve because even though you aren’t really celebrating the religious aspect of Christmas you still feel the joy when you see a person stricken by poverty smiling at you.

P.S. I really like the blog and I hope you keep it up even after you are no longer a “teen” atheist. Good luck in whatever you may do.

2. vjack - December 16, 2007

My suggestion would be to either treat it as you would any other night or do make a point of doing something you enjoy without feeling guilty about it. As an atheist, I can’t quite get with the idea of celebrating. I detest both the consumerism and the religious aspects, so I say either ignore it or reclaim it as something you’ll find meaningful.

3. overcaffein8d - December 17, 2007

Make like a Jew and eat Chinese food!

(I used to be a Jew and I suppose I’m still a cultural Jew. )

Basically, on Christmas, most restaurants are closed in America. So we eat Chinese food. Mmm mmm mmm!

4. irishsof - December 17, 2007

Do both! Do some volunteer work early, then party your ass off later! 🙂

5. DaFatalGigabyte - December 19, 2007

Yeah I’d go with a mix. I’m gonna be gone at my gramma’s house this Christmas but there’s always when I get back.

Is there ever any volunteer work on Christmas Day or is it almost always eve? Like you could party on Christmas Eve like many people do, and then, if it’s charity work you want to do, give a beautiful gift to the hungry the next day.

You didn’t pray, and just started eating immediately (good one!!!!), at dinner. But that was because of their disrespect. I don’t think a religious charity organization has done you any disrespect…nor disrespect to humanity. That thing about “too religious” sounded kinda wrong, unless they know you’re Atheist and they’d make it uncomfortable. It would then be wrong of them if they go and make a Christmas volunteer uncomfortable/unallowed because of religious convictions.

6. DaFatalGigabyte - December 19, 2007

Gosh, I can’t single-post if my life depended on it lol.

Try going Christmas Eve to the club. Party. Go to a hotel. Then check out the next day and go straight to the charity organization. No need to see your parents the whole time if that’s what you want.

ps. Sorry I can’t even afford plane tickets for sixth class :P.

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