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Ask Teen Atheist, #4 September 22, 2008

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Curt asks:

When you say you like Unicorns, are you refering to unicorns in the mythical sense or the IPU?

I’m referring to unicorns primarily in the “cute cuddly illustrations you find on little girls’ pink Lisa Frank lunchboxes” sense. How can somebody not like unicorns? They’re so darn pretty! I’d always listed unicorns as my favorite animal. (Bunnies are a close second. EEE BUNNIES) I also like unicorns in the “Neil Patrick Harris’ shroom dream” sense. I can certainly appreciate the invisible pink variety, as well. They’re all beautiful!

Unicorns rock!

Unicorns rock!

[Credit: Perry Bible Fellowship]



1. curt05 - September 23, 2008

Cool cartoon, thanks for clearing things up 🙂

2. Teen Atheist - September 23, 2008

Anytime, Curt! Unicorns are awesome. :3

3. Agersomnia - September 25, 2008

I’d now think twice before joking about a pink unicorn t-shirt.

BTW, I just found out yesterday that the website of an atheist community from Mexico was hacked till it went offline.

Sad thing, is that for all I know nowhere in the news has that been reported. It seems atheists in Mexico are kind of unimportant…

I posted a humble english-written post at my blog, as it seems nobody else is taking this to the english-speaking community, the media, or anywhere else.


4. Teen Atheist - September 26, 2008

I wouldn’t let any sort of attack like that silence my opinions. Otherwise, they win.

5. Agersomnia - September 30, 2008

A Spain-based forum/atheist group has lended them space for now, and yesterday the march was done!

I posted a couple of videos I found over internet from the smallish march I’ve ever seen 😛
Good people, good meeting. It doesn’t matter much they were few.

6. a different teen atheist - October 4, 2008

I adore Perry Bible Fellowship. Unicorns have never been my thing, but I respect love for them anyhow. :]

7. Anonymous - October 18, 2008

My little niece calls them “hornicorns.” I love it.

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