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[This is basically a lengthy version of the short, snippy disclaimer at the lower-right corner of my site, in case you think I was being too assy when I wrote that.]

One of the reasons why I don’t like to discuss religion itself or engage in debates about it with people is because, unless you’re debating with someone who is really open-minded, it usually boils down to the same conclusion: it all depends on which one you value more, logic or faith, and people could go one way or the other. Those who pick logic see faith as a false virtue, a tool to make sure that the believers keep believing. Those who pick faith see logic as the easy way out, a means to hide from the eternal damnation you face for your countless sins.

I’ve been reading atheist blogs for about as long as I’ve been blogging as Teen Atheist, and I know that a lot of you get annoying comments from fundies looking to pick a fight. Some of you choose to respond, some of you don’t, but most of you do keep them on your blogs. While this blog appears to be free of those comments (for now), I have had a number of believers drop by to ask me to stop blaspheming and “see the light,” and some who just ask, “What if it’s real?”

The first time I got a comment of this nature, I took a minute to think about what to do next, and then I deleted it, as I did with the comment that appeared an hour later from someone else.

Four comments later, I found myself in a bit of a moral dilemma: If these people accused me of taking away their right to free speech, would they be right? Is it wrong and selfish of me to screen my comments instead of responding? These nagging questions kept me feeling mildly guilty every time I hit the “delete” button.

On my tenth comment from a theist, it finally hit me: My blog, my rules. If we atheists started spamming your blogs, wouldn’t you get all riled up and accuse us of spreading our lies?

Reading this post over at College Callgirl helped, too (although what she’s facing is infinitely more serious than what I’m going through). An excerpt:

“Because this isn’t a public forum in which every viewpoint has to be represented; it’s MY blog for whatever I want to post. And mostly, because it was really fucking fun hitting that little trash can icon.”

Fundies, I’m not upset or offended by your comments, but I do find them annoying, so the bottom line is this: they’re not welcome here. I don’t mind that there are religious people who are reading this blog, after all, this blog exists so that people can understand the inner workings of the Teenage Atheist. If you have something to ask or say that is of substance, you’re free to comment. If you just want to insult me, though, don’t bother. We atheists are the most distrusted minority in America, and it’s even worse where I live, so we already kind of know what you have to say. I’m immoral, blasphemous, evil, and I’m going to hell. I get it, and I hope you don’t bitch when you find that your comment isn’t here the next day. That’s okay, Jesus still loves you.

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