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All questions, comments that aren’t post related, complaints, arguments, link exchange requests, recommendations, topics you want me to discuss, love letters, and anything else that doesn’t really fit into the comments section of any post may go here. (Hint: Love letters are the most welcome!) I can’t give out my email address since it contains my real name, so this page will have to do.

I’ll try to respond to each note as soon as possible. Feel free to say anything at all! Hell, I’ll even listen to your personal problems — I may not have a Ph. D., but I do enjoy dishing out advice from time to time. Remember, “atheist” is NOT synonymous with “evil!”



Teen Atheist


P.S. If you want to say something to me in private, the Contact page is now up and running!


1. Karen - September 20, 2007

Hi TA,
I found your blog through a link on the Planet Atheism blog aggregator. I’ve read your posts, and I’m so glad you’ve started blogging!

I’m a little envious; you’ve seen through the religious BS at a relatively young age. You’ve thus potentially saved yourself hours upon hours of soul-searching, trying to reconcile your religious beliefs with the evidence of the world around you and your own good sense. Yay! I wasn’t able to do it until my mid-thirties. I wish I could reclaim all those hours of angst and use them for something productive.

Good luck at getting into your Dream College, and don’t worry about the religion angle. College is intense, and people tend to be far more focused on Tuesday’s exam than on someone else’s belief system.

My mother was a devout Catholic, and I was brought up in the (then-liberal, West Coast U.S.) Catholic church. She never knew I’d stopped believing in a god, because it would have distressed her horribly and she was ill and under enough stress in the last years of her life (and she was also a good person, and didn’t _deserve_ such an unpleasant ending).

My father was Lutheran, though he’d stopped going to church long before he met my mother. He _never_ talked about religious topics. I finally concluded that he’d just stopped worrying about the whole religion thing. Dad had strong ethics and a kind heart, and he just went about the business of loving his neighbors. I don’t think he was an atheist, he just figured that god could take care of itself and didn’t need him fussing after it.

This is longer-winded than I’d planned, and I hope not too boring. But welcome to the blogosphere, and I’m looking forward to reading more posts.

2. Teen Atheist - September 20, 2007

Thank you very much for the comment, Karen! It wasn’t boring at all; in fact, it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 😀

I’m really sorry about your mother. You’re right, sometimes they’re better off not knowing. I have a feeling my parents are wondering where they went wrong in raising me, since I ended up this way. Unfortunately, though, my admitting my atheism to them wasn’t really much of a choice.

Your father sounds great. I think my parents envision themselves as being like him, since we haven’t been to church in several years, but it’s the inherent bigotry in my parents that really turned me off to Catholicism. It’s sad that they look down on everybody else. I hope your dad wasn’t like that.

Again, thanks for taking the time to comment! You made my day. 🙂

3. John Grabowski - September 27, 2007

Hey there, you sound like a very mature individual and I applaud your independent thinking. I’d recommend Sam Harris’ Letter to a Christian Nation over Richard Dawkins’ book, which someone else recommended. Harris’ work is better-reasoned, less emotional that Dawkins and it’s shorter–about 160 tight little pages! Also, you just might be interested in my own essay at my blog, jgrab1.wordpress.com, called “The Enthusiastic Atheist.” I may add your blog to my blogroll, if you don’t mind.

4. Teen Atheist - September 27, 2007

Thanks for the recommendation! I admit I’m not too knowledgeable on either, so I’ll try to read up on both Dawkins and Harris and see where they differ, though from what I’ve been hearing from other people, Dawkins supposedly acts like an atheist fundy.

Anyway, I’d be glad to be a part of your blogroll! Thank you!

5. Show-Ender - September 28, 2007

Ahh, you show a lot of potential. And passion. Can I add you in my blogroll?

Lemme guess: your mom’s a maroon, the Dream College is blue, and the Other College is green. Did I get it right?

6. Teen Atheist - September 28, 2007

Yes on all counts, Show-Ender, and of course you can add me! Thank you! 😀

7. jp - October 8, 2007

Enjoyed your blog. Glad to see your thinking for yourself. Don’t worry, you’re almost out of that house and then you’ll enter the best years of your life! Make the best of your college years and enjoy your freedom!

8. Teen Atheist - October 14, 2007

Thanks, jp! I can’t wait for the sweet taste of freeeeedom! XD I’ve been waiting for it for seventeen years, now.

9. jacki - November 12, 2007


My husband and I recently started a “church” for atheists. http://www.firstchurchofatheism.com We are ordaining people to be atheist ministers, in order to allow atheists to perform ceremonies for other atheists, such as weddings and funerals. It is 100% legal and free. I’d like for you to come and check it out, and if you like what you see could you put a link to us or write an article about us? Or simply tell your friends. I really like your site, and would be honored to associate with it. Our site is new, but in the near future we will be adding a “links” or “atheist resources” page, and we would be happy to include you on it.

Thanks for your time.

Jacki McMaster

10. Jasmine Pierce - November 16, 2007


why not get a hotmail or gmail address that doesn’t mention your real name?

11. Teen Atheist - November 16, 2007

I think this page serves that function well enough. Besides, there’s a smaller chance of flaming if everybody else can see what you wrote. 🙂

12. Bharat - November 16, 2007


Nice blog you got here. I got here from “Friendly Atheist”. Looking forward to seeing more of you around. Just wanted to mention a couple of things:

Funnily enough, I had no idea being an atheist was so evil. So I ‘came out of the closet’ without any concerns of the kind you mentioned. It never crossed my mind that my parents or my friends would move away from me because of this. And my parents took it pretty well I should say.

You mentioned that we atheists are usually accused of being soulless.
One of the best answers to this I have ever read was this blog entry by PZ myers. http://scienceblogs.com/pharyngula/2007/06/we_stand_awed_at_the_heights_o.php
(He is one of those raving fire breathing atheist lunatic squid lovers :-))

13. Teen Atheist - November 16, 2007

Consider yourself lucky to have such open-minded friends and family, Bharat. It isn’t nearly as easy here where I live, which is why I’m in the closet to a lot of the people I know.

14. Bharat - November 16, 2007

I do consider myself lucky. I dont mind going to places of worship or attending/celebrating religious festivals(at least the ones I like). I see them as social occasions.

And dont worry too much. There are more of us around than you would think.

I sincerely hope your family understands you better.

15. Teen Atheist - November 16, 2007

Thanks, although I doubt that’s ever going to happen. 😛 My parents do tolerate me, so it could have been worse. My brother’s the real problem. *sigh*

16. Charz - November 20, 2007

On the mail thing, if you just add [contact-form] or something like that, (the official wordpress blog has the download here), it adds an automatic form that guests can fill out to send you – no need of your email required!! Plus, if someone wants to send you something (rational hopefully) private, you can as well answer in private.

17. Teen Atheist - November 20, 2007

Awesome, I’d been wondering how to get that! Thanks for the help, Charz. 😀

18. Jersey - November 27, 2007

You’re welcome

19. Bebang - December 25, 2007


I’ve found your blog accidentally, I actually forgot how I got here. Anyways, been reading your posts since yesterday night (Christmas Eve). Apparently, I’m enjoying it and some parts of me want to be like you, an atheist.

I know a number of atheist but you have different approach to your readers. Your posts really caught my attention. Kudos!

We do have same sentiments on some of your posts.
Hoping to read more of your life’s happenings.
Take care!

20. Teen Atheist - December 26, 2007

Thank you, Bebang. I’m glad you like what you see! If you ever have any questions or problems, feel free to contact me. I’d be more than happy to help out or provide information. 🙂

21. atheistgirl - January 14, 2008

Are you still alive? I haven’t seen a new post in a while.

22. Like that cheerleader from Odessa « Diary of a Teenage Atheist - January 14, 2008

[…] post. Ask me about my life. My friends. My opinions on love and other disasters. Anything. But to ask me whether or not I’m still alive is slightly tacky, I think. (No offense meant to the commenter, I’m happy you care, […]

23. atheistgirl - March 12, 2008

Love the guote, (oops. quote, i’m so out of it)

24. Luke - March 13, 2008

Hello, My name is Luke(Kinda obvious). I’m 17, and I currently live in the USA. I guess this fits under personal problems. I’ve been an atheist for awhile now…about 4 months I believe. Before I became an atheist I was a Lutheran, and basically attended church every Sunday. One day I realized that “God” is hurting this world, people fight wars over Religion ect. I finally came out to my mom about a month ago, funny thing is, she said as she grows older she’s been having some atheistic thoughts as well. She basically agrees with most of my ideas and beleifs on religion. I don’t care to tell my dad, since he’s a Lutheran yet he never attends church. I guess my family life is ok, it’s school that is a bitch.

My school is basically very stereotypical. Almost every student in my high school is either a “Red neck” or an extremely religious teenager. Since I don’t care much for trucks or country music I tend to befriend the religious types. I’ve came out about my atheistism to my best friend, he accepted it, didn’t think less of me, told my other two close friends, and they accept it just fine. It’s everyone else that I tend to care about that is a problem. A few days ago I was talking on AIM in a buddy chat room with a few other friends. We were all talking for awhile, and some how Gay Marriage and Religion came up. Of course, all the people were against it, I for one, am for it. I gave them my reason which mainly came out something like this. “You’re against gay marriage because the bible says it’s a sin? Well, the Bible also says a parent is allowed to stone their child if he disobeys, maybe the bible doesn’t have all the answers”.Not sure if that whole stoning thing is actually in the bible, my mom told me, so eh. After a few more statements, they asked if I was an atheist. And being the honest bastard that I am, said I was. Every since then, they’ve all been ignoring me, seeming to look down on me. One ever said I was going to hell, to bad it doesn’t exist eh? They all seem to think I’m a bastard who has no morals what so ever.

So, I’m kinda stuck, basically the whole group of people who I used to consider friends (Besides the 3 I mentioned earlier) Think I’m “evil” or a “satanist” of some sorts. Funny thing is I used to respect a lot of these people and thought they were more intelligent then this. The one person who doesn’t think this way is this one girl, who says she doesn’t hate me or anything for me being an atheist, but she acts like it so the rest of her friends don’t ignore her. I guess I can’t blame her . So I guess this is my real problem, do you think I should just fake being religious again. It would probably be a lot easier on myself if my school didn’t look down upon me. And my best friend’s girlfriend lumps in this crowd, so it’d probably be easier on him since he’s whipped as hell. Or do you think I should just stand up to beliefs, and fuck them all. Funny thing is, I don’t hate or look down upon them for their beliefs. I don’t try to shove my atheistic ways down their throats. I don’t talk behind their back either. Even if I did become their friends again, I’d probably wouldn’t ever respect them the same way again. Damn, looks I’ve rambled. Well, thanks for reading.

AnotherTeenAtheist - December 18, 2012

Hi Luke,

Tough luck. Your point of view is very similar to mine. As for your situation, I cannot relate. My only uncle is gay, and although my father is a full christian, my mother is currently traveling the ups and downs of life, so her religion is on/off half of the time. Although this problem was almost 5 years ago, I still think if someone who’s having difficulty with religion happens to cross this page reads this reply and gives some peace. Growing up is difficult, school, religion, parents, decisions, it all leads to pressure. That’s rough. When it comes to religion with the young, our minds are clouded, to make life simple we believe what we have grown up with, to follow is easier to lead, as you may know. Intelligence comes to question, and I agree that it may seem that your “friends” are unintelligent, but they aren’t. They are just trying to make sense of life, and when your point of view is clouded with church, and your parents, and your friends, it would seem that the intelligent thing to do was to believe what you know, what comes easier, it’s only human nature.

As for standing up for your beliefs. This does not mean to fuck them all, you just can’t. As you have the free mind and we are lucky we live in today’s day and age in the USA that we do not get tortured into our beliefs, they have theirs. It is what we do with this freedom that defines us as a human being. Now as much as I would LOVE to fuck everyone and say your stupid for not believing me and you should all burn in “Hell (since they are religious it would probably be a big threat).” Well as much as I would like to do that, how much better am I than them? Who does that make me? Sure I don’t believe in religion for many reasons, but war is one of them, nonacceptance is another. So in order for people to see it my way, I MUST set a good example, so that way if someone brought up an atheist, it wouldn’t be “oh atheist are rude, cold-hearted people who have no morals of values and deserve to rot in Hell” No, we wouldn’t wan’t that now would we. Instead I think that this sounds more appropriate “I know an atheist, she is kind, she has good grades, she never hurts anyone and her family is nice, she’s not slutty and she always says please and thank you, atheist aren’t so bad.” Sounds a Hell of allot better don’t it? One small step at a time, it just takes time, maybe one day your friends who have shunned you become atheist because of you! And atheism is not in ANY way about turning people against god, we would be the same as them then. I see how you don’t speak ill of them of try to convert them, I salute you my friend. 🙂 But more important, Atheism is about living free, being accepted on your views, not thinking someone is always watching you, and that if your bad you will not rot in Hell, sure it’s also about we all die and then we are dead in the ground, period, but being atheist is about so much more.

I have a lot of friends who have religion being a part of their lives, and I don’t judge them on that, I judge them on how kind they are and how open minded, your friends may not be friends, if they do not accept you the first time, they sure as fuck don’t deserve another chance for you as a friend. Remember to be happy in whatever you believe in, and accept, accept, accept. Because no matter what, we are all different, and how we make a decision in times like these is what defines us, as us. You sound like a great person.

My simple advice: Don’t be fake, But don’t fuck em. It is what is is.


Another Teen Atheist just trying to get by.

25. Luke - March 13, 2008

Oh, and I guess as payment I’ll write you a love letter, lol. I’m a half way decent poet I guess 😛

26. gillian shilson - April 2, 2008

TA – I’ve left a message on your contact board, although it isn’t really private. Just found your home-page and realise there’s loads on it since Jan, so that’s good. My fault, I was looking in the wrong place.

Take care, and thanks,


27. Teen Atheist - April 2, 2008

Luke: I’m so sorry I’m taking so long to reply to your dilemma! I read it the moment you sent it in, and I had this really long answer prepared, but then my system crashed. 😦 Don’t worry, I will reply soon, and I look forward to that love letter! 😀

28. Teen Atheist - April 2, 2008

Gillie: No problem, and thank you for the lovely message! 😀

29. Luke - April 10, 2008

lol, Alright- Not a problem 😛

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31. McKenzie Velis - October 13, 2008

Hi. I stumbled on this site while looking up stuff for school. I can understand why you don’t like the people who try to shove religion down your throat, because they can’t make you believe anything, only you can, or when they say that because you are an anthiest that you’re going to go to hell because a) that’s not true and b) that isn’t what being a Christian is about at all, which, as you explained in your tenent, you should know.
However, I did want to ask you a question, because it absoluetly confuses me. Since you don’t believe in any god or religion, then why do you think that you (and everyone else in the world) is/are here? Why are we here? what do you think will happen to you when you die? What is the purpose of life?
Just so you know, we can’t be here by chance. The probability of having life, period, like our world, made by chance, is almost impossible because you have to have so many conditions that have to be exactly right, every single one of them, otherwise Earth wouldn’t be able to support life. That includes everything from the tilt of the Earth’s axis to the amounts of chemicals that make up what we call air so we can breathe, and everything in between. And if it is so hard to have life, period, then how can you argue that we were all made by chance, or a Big Bang of molecules that just happend to come together and explode to create the universe, which is so big you can hardly conceive it?
Doesn’t it just make more sense that there is some Being out there that gave a purpose to everything, a God who we can’t see or feel in anyway because we aren’t perfect like him (or if you want to be techinical, it because God doesn’t have a gender) but who loves us so much because he created us that he was willing to make a way for us to become perfect like him and be with him forever.
It is really hard to believe in something that you can’t see, hear, taste, touch or feel in any way, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t evidence that he is here. And that also doesn’t mean that, as God, he can’t use what we can understand and see to do things. He’s God, and since we were all created by him isn’t it obvious that we won’t ever completely understand him?
And to close for now, if you want evidence that there is a God and that yes, Jesus actually lived and died on the cross and rose again, read A Case for Christ and A Case for a Creator. I would love to see the arguements against this.
I’m not trying to cram my religion down your throat by the way, just making you think deeper about why you believe what you believe, even if that is nothing at all but the material world. Thanks for listening.

32. akosigundam - October 15, 2008

You’re THIS close to dropping the soap, Mr. Velis

33. Teen Atheist - October 16, 2008

Akosigundam: Agreed. Thank you.

I appreciate the whole “I respect your religion, but…” attempt, Mr. Velis, but I didn’t open up this blog to argue for atheism. I opened it to share my experiences, both good and bad, as an atheist. There are other sites and other bloggers more than willing to have that sort of discussion with you.

34. Crazy Nerd - November 27, 2008

I’m not lez ,( but that wud be cool) so i cant write a luv lettr, but i have 2 say that u ROCK.YA.SO HA ALL U WHO DISAGREE.

35. Teen Atheist - January 14, 2009

LOL, thanks, Crazy Nerd.

36. Alberto - December 5, 2009

do you have a new blog?

37. Teen Atheist - December 5, 2009

Nope! You can just ask me new questions here, though. 🙂

38. Alberto - December 6, 2009

Did I inspire your new post?

39. Teen Atheist - December 6, 2009

Not really? Although you did remind me that this blog existed, which led to me deciding to post something new, so thanks. 🙂

40. rafael0708 - December 15, 2009

Really enjoyed reading. Please do post more. We obviously live in the same country and are both former Catholics so I can relate a little even though I’m Buddhist and not atheist (and nine years older than you as well).

41. i_r_goosebumps - January 14, 2010

Finally! I am not alone! AGJJAOPAJOGLZMGNHNAJLKLLLLL :DDDDDDDD *forgive me, it was just phenomenal seeing fellow rational people out of this deluded bunch of a third-world country*.

WOOT. I’m becoming a little irrational with that very exclamatory reaction. EHEM. :DD

At least I’m assured that the educational quality of this country is not yet in shambles. Well, I dunno if it was your education which served as the primary factor in your becoming an atheist. (Even though that it is safe to say that this country’s educational system is dominated by a reactionary institution based on an ancient city in the central region of an itsy bitsy tiny peninsula in Europe). XD

*Okay, that was tangential for me to talk about. Well, anyway.*

I can pretty much relate to your experiences. I was 14 when I started questioning certain out-of-hand things in religion (certain things, for some things are quite good, like love your neighbor, follow secular authority blah blah…). Of course, like many non-believers, I tried reconciling my religious delusion (courtesy of early-child brainwashing oh I mean catechizing) with the solid truth of reality. And funny thing is, I decided to be an agnostic the very same day I WAS CONFIRMED. Very ironic indeed. 8D

It was in fourth year high school when I finally firmly decided on what my stance would be. I discovered that I’m an agnostic atheist after gaining more experience and understanding regarding the usage of the two terms. There could be a god, but it is without doubt that your god doesn’t exist. BWAHA. 😀

I could say that it has been the happiest moment of my life. I may be a bit exaggerating here, but come on, de-converting yourself is mental catharsis. It’s like being cured of a sickness you induced yourself. Or rather, an infirmity which you were infected with but still you don’t give a damn curing it. And that saves a lot of time for very irrational rationalizations which ought not to occur if you just managed to believe in one less god. o.o

Okay, that turned out to be very long of what was supposed to be a little sharing. And I guess I became a little incoherent. But I am really happy with your (and other atheists’) presence in the blogosphere (and you started posting again!). You inspire me and make me feel more warm and comfy, just like puppies in a litter. I wish you write more in the future, and… a happy life. *Ugh. It’s understood that that’s the only thing worth working for in this planet, maybe except for reversing climate change or Cheetos.* =)))))))

P.S. I hope I’m not selling your secrets with those not-so-subtle references about, ehem. 8D

42. Jules - August 4, 2011

Hi guys. I’m living in a Christian household but really haven’t ever and never will believe any of this. I used to try my hardest, but I can’t. My parents and friends are all Christian. I don’t wanna keep this locked up but I am afraid to tell even my parents. I feel like I’ve been living a lie. PLEASE help. Just talking would be nice.. Thanks..

43. raddy - September 7, 2011

i sat in a church for 2 hours because i wanted money.i didnt say any prays and i didnt take communion.i dont believe in anything in the bible soo am i atheist?

raddy - September 7, 2011

for my confoo

44. vyvyan - September 7, 2011

i think the bible is a load of crap but i am a catolic can i still be a atheist:( plz help

45. Concerned reader - December 5, 2011

Earth to TA,
u haven’t posted in a looong time.everything’s okay right???

46. Concerned reader - December 5, 2011

Earth to Teenatheist!
Haven’t seen any posts on here for over an year!
Everything alright right?

47. Concerned reader - December 5, 2011

Earth to TA!
Haven’t seen any posts on here from you for over an year now!
Everything’s alright right?

48. AnotherTeenAtheist - December 18, 2012

Hey TeenAtheist,

I love your blog, tell’s the truth without sugar coating the subject. Awesome!

Another teen atheist 😉

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